Carnival of Sales & Management Success – September 11, 2007

Welcome to the August 15, 2007 edition of carnival of sales & management success.

Please forgive me for taking such a long hiatus from my blog. As many of you know I work in for profit education as a Director of Recruitment and the months of August and September can be very difficult to say the least. The good news is school is starting this week, and things will be back to normal for me very soon. I have quite a collection of articles in this carnival posting. I hope this will tide you over until I get out a new post later this week. Thank you again to everyone for being so patient!

Gustav S presents 10 Reasons why only 4% of the population achieve their goals posted at

Gavin Ingham presents Getting in the right state versus getting in a right state posted at Jooplar.

Jane Chin presents A Danger of "Too Much Experience" posted at On Careers and Life, saying, "How often are you the victim of your own knowledge and experience?" presents How to React to Criticism posted at Get More Done with Activity Logs, saying, "Receiving negative feedback is never easy. But when you understand how it can help you accelerate your career, you might begin to view criticism differently.

One of the factors that distinguish expert performers from everyone else is how they interpret and use criticism. Instead of trying to avoid it, top performers welcome it and use it to significantly enhance their performance.

In this issue we share a strategy you can use to benefit from criticism, rather than feel hurt by it"

Karl Goldfield presents Building a plan Part 5: Seeing the results first - Thank you Mr. Covey posted at Coaching sales champions.

Ivan Rios presents How to Deal With Envy posted at

Ivan Rios presents Mistakes Happen: How Do You Respond? posted at

Ivan Rios presents When To Lose posted at

Sagar Satapathy presents Startup Required Reading: Top 100 VC Bloggers posted at Bootstrapper.

George Courtney jr presents Ten Ways To Torpedo Your Sales Pitch posted at The Authentic Bartender Blog.

Bhupendra Khanal presents Cost of Retention Vs cost of Acquisition posted at Analytics Bhupe, saying, "There is nothing called cost of customer acquisition or customer retention, all cost are to improve the product offering and service."

Jack Yoest presents Close the Sale: Make the Pain Worse posted at, saying, "30% of people admitted to a hospital’s emergency room feel no pain.

There might be a sucking chest wound or a missing limb, but nothing hurts.

An anesthesiologist will still administer an anesthetic not only for the pain, which might come eventually, but to also still the patient. To keep the patient quiet, sedated, compliant.

So even though the patient was not in pain, he still got a pain relieving solution.

(The Alert Reader will remember that Your Business Blogger once worked for Mallinckrodt — but only on the medical device side, not the drugs.)

Sales is sometimes the same way. A solution to the customer’s problem should be provided even if the patient customer feels no pain.

So how does the professional sales representative sell when there is no pain?

Your Business Blogger suggests that the sales rep doesn’t."

Charles H. Green presents Deer in the Headlights Decison-Making > Trusted Advisor Associates > Trust Matters posted at Trust Matters, saying, "When faced with surprise sebacks the way most people react is to just do the same thing - they freeze, and can't adapt. Some people, however, can. Why?"

wilson ng presents Going to the Top too fast posted at Reflections of a BizDrivenLife, saying, "Success is intoxicating, and we all desire it - if possible, we would like to have it thrust upon us as soon as possible. However, scaling up too fast can be dangerous, and success that is easily won can as easily be lost or worse, can hurt you as much as failure does."

Gary van Warmerdam presents Being Optimistic With Awareness posted at Happiness, saying, "In the best selling book Good To Great Jim Collins advises us of the perils of being optimistic. That same awareness can serve us in other areas of our life as well. The key is to have the awareness to discern the good optimism from the dangerous optimism."

Moneywalks presents Ways to Avoid Procrastination posted at moneywalks. presents A Motivation Secret of Top Performing Managers posted at Get More Done with Activity Logs, saying, "A Motivation Secret of Top Performing Managers
August 7th, 2007
A frequent question we get from managers at all levels is how to motivate consistent high performance from others.

In today’s business environment, you can’t force anyone to do anything.

As a manager, you need to think of yourself as leading a volunteer army. In the words of President Dwight Eisenhower, you need to get people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.

The fact is, psychological research proves that praise and appreciation is far more effective than threats or punishment regardless of what you want people to do.

When people want to do something they tend to put in more and better effort than if they believe that they have to do it. And in this issue we share a motivation strategy that you can use to encourage this kind of voluntary contribution from everyone around you."

Uni presents My ?Proof? of The Law of Attracion-in action (adimin post) posted at You Deserve More, saying, "A cute Law of Attraction story!"

Alvaro Fernandez presents Training the Aging Workforce posted at SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution, saying, "A clear trend that will influence how sales Reps (and all staff) are trained."

Andrea presents One of my (Andrea) favorite "fun" books - not busi... posted at Fail Your Way to Success!.

Charles H. Green presents We've All Caught the Detroit Disease posted at Trust Matters, saying, "As the US car industry continues its inexorable decline it's worth looking at why and asking if other business are also exhibiting the symptoms of the "Detroit Disease"."

Christine Scivicque presents 5 Simple Steps to More Professional Writing posted at The Executive Assistant's Tool Box.

David Kam presents Give Gifts to Market Yourself posted at

Louise Manning presents Are You A Good Facilitator? posted at The Human Imprint, saying, "Facilitation is an acquired skill and the ability to facilitate effectively improves more and more with experience."

Matt Hanson presents Matt’s Creative Advertising Blog » Blog Archive » Custom Made Jingles, Commercials and Music for Television and Radio posted at Matt's Creative Advertising Blog, saying, "Looking for the right sound and company to produce that sound can be somewhat tricky, especially if this is your first run with TV or radio. There are a number of things to look out for in terms of getting the best price with a great sounding commercial."

Eric Hudin presents From iPhone to YouTube - The Viral Marketing Method posted at Everyday Marketing Ideas, saying, "Many businesses take advantage of the newest marketing method available: viral advertising. Different marketing strategies are employed by product and service providers, channeling popular and existing social networking communities online."

Chris Russell presents Enhancing Human Performance posted at Productivity Planner, saying, "Knowing why people behave the way they do on the job is the key to gaining commitment to continuous improvement. A manager must understand peoples needs in order to increase motivation and therefore meet the needs of the organization."

Stacey Derbinshire presents Leveling the Playing Fields posted at Starting a Small Home Business, saying, "The lifeplan of school, college, and get a job is the paradigm most are trained to follow. However, only a small percentage of those who follow this plan end up with any level of wealth or financial satisfaction in their secular life."

Ben Yoskovitz presents Ignore a Customer’s Lifetime Value at Your Own Risk posted at Instigator Blog, saying, "Too many companies and people ignore the lifetime value of a customer, and don't pay enough credence to word of mouth."

Millionaire Mommy Next Door presents Evaluation is Critical for Success. How to Measure Your Progress. posted at Millionaire Mommy Next Door, saying, "I have learned from past experience with my other projects, goals and small businesses that it is crucial to monitor progress using analytical measures. Regular evaluations of any project are important for keeping it on track and in alignment with one's vision. Today, on my one month blogiversary, I am illustrating this important evaluation process."

edithyeung presents 7 Phrases Successful People Would Never Say posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act..

Luke Houghton presents Making the right decisions posted at Luke Houghton, saying, "Learning to make the right choices"

FitBuff presents I Can Stand My Stand Up Desk |'s Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog posted at's Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog, saying, "Anyone who spends most of their day sitting down, especially those working from home, should consider a stand up a desk.

It's now been one month since I set mine up, and this article chronicles how it has improved my posture, productivity, and performance.

Plus there is a short video to show you how to set one up yourself for free to try out."

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